How does Vibe work?

Vibe uses Postmint’s natively integrated refer-to-earn system to fuel its growth. You will be able to earn whenever you link people into the ecosystem using the Vibe-Link (affiliate links).

Postmint is a token-gated affiliate network protocol. Holding 0.1%* of the total $VIBE supply unlocks the ability to create your own Vibe-Link and start earning referral rewards.

Sale of $VIBE may result in having referral rewards terminated. Always keep enough $VIBE in the wallet associated with your Vibe-Link to meet token-gate requirements.

When someone uses your Vibe-Link, i.e. connect their wallet to Postmint, we will be able track their buys and sells on-chain. Vibe uses trustless affiliate tracking in order to payout 3% on each buy (in $VIBE) and sell (in WETH) to the referrer.

After signing the Vibe-Link, users will be redirected to Uniswap where they can buy Vibe. Alternatively, you can use your favorite sniper or dex.

This part is important: if your referees do not sign the Vibe-Link you will not receive rewards from their transactions.

*The amount of $VIBE required to create a Vibe-Link may be lowered to accommodate for network growth. Those in the Vibe-List only need 0.01% of supply

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